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Fish with compressed shapes have eyes positioned where? on either side of their body
How do gills help fish to breathe? fish take in oxygen filled water and the water that has carbon dioxide in it leaves from the operculum which covers the gills
What is an articulated fossil? a fossil found with all the bones in place and in proper order
Which animal had feet with long webbed toes? nothosaur
What is a fusiform shape? The oblong shape like a bullet has or a shark
What are the 3 main kinds of fishes? bony, cartilaginous and jawless
What 2 things make a fish a fish? gills and fins
What do we know about mosasaurs teeth and mouth? large teeth and mouths
What are gastroliths? stomach stones
What was the shape of a mosasaur? shaped like a snake with tiny flippers
Why do fish prefer cooler waters? there is more oxygen in cooler waters and therefore it is easier to breathe
What is another name for the flood of Noah? the great deluge
Flounders have a depressed shape, what do we know about their eyes? they are both on the same side of their body.

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