Unit 12 Atoms Notes

Question Answer
The smallest part of an element that is still that element atom
They are very small atoms
They do not change in chemical reaction atoms
A positively charged atomic particle proton
A negatively charged atomic particle electron
A neutral atomic particle neutron
Neither positively nor negatively charged neutral
They contain protons, electrons and neutrons atoms
Like electrical charges repel each other
Unlike electrical charges attract each other
The number of protons in each atom of that element The atomic number of an element
The atomic number of an element the number of protons in each atom of that element
It has the same number of protons and electrons an atom
The center of an atom nucleus
A pat that electrons follow around the nucleus orbit
The total number of protons adn neutrons in an atoms nucleus; also called atomic weight atomic mass
These things are in the nucleus of an atom protons and neutrons
These things move in orbits or shells around the nucleus electrons
The number of protons and neutrons in an atom atomic mass
Atomic mass – atomic numbers = the number of neutrons
All of the elctrons orbits or paths electron shell
These are found in shells around the nucleus of an atom electrons
It can only hold a certain number of electrons an electron shell
It has 8 electrons except for the K shell, which has 2 a complete outer shell

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