Science Vocabulary from Sarvis’ class

Question Answer
Rock Cycle The on ongoing processes that form and change rock from one kind to another.
Plate Tectonics The theory that Earth's crust and upper mantle exist in sections that move called lithospheric plates.
Convection Current The heating, rising, cooling, and sinking of matter; the movement of material is caused by uneven heating.
Pangaea At one time in geologic history the continents were joined together in one large landmass called this.
Topographic Map A map that uses contour lines and intervals to show the varying elevations of Earth's surface; provides information on elevation,relief, slope of the ground surface.
Volcano A mountain built of cooled lava, volcanic sh, cinders, and rock.
Vent Theopening in a volcano where magma flows out.
Tension Forces that pull rocks apart.
Shearing Forces that push on rocks from either side of faults causing them to push in opposite directions.
Compression A force that pushes or squeezes rocks together.

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