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Name 4 of the scientists that contributed to the Cell Theory Robert Hooke, Anton van Leeuwenhoek, Matthias Schleiden, Theodor Schwann
Who first called cells "cells". Robert Hooke
How did a Dutch lens craftsman contribute to the cell Theory? What was his name? He made the first simple microscope. Anton van Leeuwenhoek
Who concluded that plants and animals were made up of cells? Matthais Schleiden and Theodore Schwann
What did Rudolf Virchow propose? He proposed that cells can only come from other cells.
What organelles does a plant cell have that an animal cell doesn’t have? Chloroplasts and Cell Wall
If you were given a slide containing living cells of an unknown organism, describe how you would identify the cells as either plant or animal. See if there is a Cell Wall
What organelle is most involved in diffusion, osmosis, and active transport? Cell Membrane
Which has a higher concentration of water: 200 ml of water with 10 grams of sugar or 200 ml of water with 50 grams of sugar? 200 ml of water with 10 grams of sugar.
In the osmosis egg lab, which had a higher concentration of water in it: the egg or corn syrup? Which way did the water diffuse? Egg. From egg to corn syrup.
What had a higher concentration of water: the egg or the distilled water? Which way did the water diffuse? Distilled water. From distilled water to egg.
What are the 4 main Elements that make up living things? 5th and 6th? Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen. Phosphorus, Calcium.
What are the 4 main Molecules that make up living things? Proteins, Carbohydrates, Lipids, and Nucleic Acids
Which molecule has the most energy? Carbohydrates
Where is the energy stored in the molecule? The bonds.
Photo means “light” and synthesis means “combining together”. What molecules does light energy help combine together in photosynthesis? 6 Water and 6 Carbon Dioxide.
What new molecules are synthesized in photosynthesis? Glucose and 6 Diatomic Oxygen Molecules
In what organelle does photosynthesis occur? Chloroplast
Where does all the matter in a tree come from? Water
Write out the entire photosynthesis equation. 6H2O + 6CO2 = C6H12O6 + O6
What pigment is in plants that give them their green color? Chlorophyl.
What color light does this pigment reflect? Green
What colors does it absorb? Red and Blue.
What is the purpose of cellular respiration? Break down the glucose molecule so it can be used as energy.
In what organelle does cellular respiration occur? Mitochondria
What are the reactants of cellular respiration and what are the products? The reactants are Glucose and Oxygen. The products are Carbon Dioxide and Water.
Write out the entire cellular respiration equation. C6H12O6 + O2 –> 6H2O + 6CO2
Do plants undergo the process of photosynthesis? Cellular respiration? Yes. Yes.
Do animals undergo the process of photosynthesis? Cellular respiration? No. Yes.
What are the 3 stages of the cell cycle? Interphase, Mitosis, and Cytokinesis
What happens during interphase? The cell grows and develops and does its functions. Toward the end of interphase, the amount of chromosomes double.
What happens during mitosis? The nucleus duplicates itself, each with a complete set of chromosomes.
What happens during cytokinesis? The cytoplasm and organelles divide into 2 daughter cells.
Which of the 3 stages takes the least amount of time? Why? Cytokinesis. It does the least.
Which takes the most time? Why? Interphase. Interphase is when the cell does all its functions.
Write in order all of the cell cycle stages. Interphase, Mitosis, Cytokinesis.
What happens after the last stage? The daughter cells start their own cycles, starting with interphase.
In which stage do the chromosomes double? Interphase.
In the division of somatic (body) cells, why do the chromosomes double? The chromosomes double so the daughter cells can both have a complete set of chromosomes.
What is the final product of the cell cycle? The cell cycle results in two daughter cells with identical sets of chromosomes.

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