Plants Word List

Question Answer
carbon dioxide a gas that animals release back into the environment as waste and plants take in during the process of photosynthesis
chlorophyll a green chemical in plant cells that allows plants to use the sun's energy for making food
cone a seed-bearing organ covered with woody scales on conifer plants
coniferous tree a tree with needle-like leaves that produces seeds in cones
cotyledon the leaf or leaves developed by the embryo of a plant seed
deciduous tree a tree that loses its leaves in the winter
dicot a plant with two cotyledons in each seed
flower the plant part that performs the job of reproduction
germination the time it takes for a seed to sprout
glucose the sugar produced in the leaf of a plant during photosynthesis
leaf a green, flat outgrowth from a plant stem used to make food
monocot a plant with one cotyledon in each seed
oxygen a gas that animals need and plants release during the process of photosynthesis

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