mid term

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what is required for photosynthesis chloroplast,chlorophyl
what dose photosynthesis do processes energy using light
cell parts can be viewed with a microscope
a cell membrain is a continuious,almost invisible structure surruunding the cell
what is a cells trans portation system endoplasmie reticulum
what is a cells enviroment mostly made of water , salts ,disolved gases,,nutrients,and wastes
what packs and carries protienes in little bubbles into the cytoplasm golgi bodies
what is the cells computor which uses DNA to regulate all activiteys of the cell nucleus
what is the cells power house mitocondria
what allows material to pass in and out except for dna nuclear membrain
what creates and makes the proteins that will become body structures ribosomes
what are the main recyclers of the golgi bodey lysosomes
what stores and releases waste vacules
what ridget structure cell wall

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