Internet Terminology

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URL uniform resource locator; a standardized address of a location on the internet, esp on the World Wide Web
netiquette the informal code of behaviour on the internet
blog informal Full name: weblog a journal written on-line and accessible to users of the internet
wiki a web application that allows anyone visiting a website to edit sat_flash_1 on it.
Banner long strip of flexible material displaying a slogan, advertisement, etc, esp one suspended between two points.
Textbox a graphice of usin interface,a rectangular widget for entering text.
phishing the practice of using fraudulent e-mails and copies of legitimate websites to extract financial data from computer users for purposes of identity theft.
homepage the opening page of a website.
Hyperlink a world,phrase,picture,icon,etc in a coumpter document
search ergine a computer program hat searches documents,especially on a world wide web.
web browser a software program that facilitates entry o and usage of the internet

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