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There are over 2,900 know species of what? Snakes
What continent are snakes not found on? Antartica
What are the two groups of snakes? Venomous and Nonvenomous
Where are Gopher snakes found in montana? everywhere
Most reptiles reproduce by what? eggs
250-300 species of what reptile? Turtles
What are two types of turtles Aquatic and Land turtles
What are turtle shells made of? Fused bone and skin plates
Turtles are what kind of food eaters? Omnivors
What is the most commmon aquatic turtle in Montana? Red Ear Sliders
What reptile that does not live in Montana, weighs between 400 grams to 1 kilogram? Tuataras
Tuataras live where? New Zealand
The Tuataras live up to how many years old? 60 years old
What reptile has up to 22 different species? (They also do not live in Montana) Crocodiles
What other large reptile (that dosen't live in Montana) has up to 4-8 different species? Alligators
Crocodiles appered on
Earth how many millions of year ago?
55 million years ago
Is it true that Crocodiles and Alligators communicate to each other by using grunts and growls? Yes
How do turtle protect themselves? shell
Bright colored snakes mean what? venomous

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