Chapter One Test Review

Question Answer
Building wooden furniture is an example that best describes the use of this type of resource? renewable
During the industrial revolution, the agricultural revolution and the hunter-gatherer period(s), humans altered their? habitats
Overhunting of large animals was a direct result of this time period. Hunter-Gatherer period
Kenya is an example of this type of a developing nation which means this would be expanding rapidly. population
Using scientific information from chemistry and biology to devise a plan to clean up a lake and make it healthy again describes the field of? environmental science
Humans depend upon other organisms for food and oxygen making it important to stop the loss of this from occurring? biodiversity
Plants were domesticated during this time period. agricultural revolution
Exhausting the soil nutrients of farmland due to over cultivation is an example of the depletion of this type of resource. renewable
Canada is this type of country/nation. developed
The conflict between individuals and society can be described in the writings known as? tragedy of the commons
The indefinite existence of human populations in a healthy and prosperous condition is an example of this concept. sustainability
If the supply of oil declined and the demand remained the same oil prices would increase. This is an example of this law? supply and demand
The amount of land and ocean area needed to support one person? ecological footprint
These types of nations have greater personal wealth? developed
Ethiopia is considered this type of nation? developing
A large ecological footprint would be left by this type of nation? developed
Most of today’s environmental problems began during which period(s) in human history? industrial revolution
The relationship between the availability and the worth of resources is known as ? the law of supply and demand
Listing both the merits and expenses involved in implementing a particular environmental solution is an example of this? cost benefit analysis
Hardin’s “Tragedy of the Commons” essay addresses the conflicts associated with what environmental challenge? protecting shared resources
The number and variety of species that live in an area? biodiversity
Sunlight, air, forests, minerals, and water are all this type of resource? Natural resources
The introduction of harmful levels of chemicals or wastes into the environment is known as this? pollution
A society achieves this when people can maintain a high standard of living without depleting available resources. sustainability
When the last member of a species dies this occurs? extinction
Copper ore, petroleum, and diamonds are all examples of this type of resource? nonrenewable resources
A science that examines how living things interact with each other and with their nonliving environment is called? ecology
During the period in history, humans lived in tribes and used fires to maintain prairie habitat. hunter-gatherer
During the period in history, plants and animals were domesticated and human populations grew rapidly. agricultural revolution
Rapid population growth, poverty, and reduced life expectancy are all characteristic of the types of countries? developing
This pollutant is a harmful material that cannot be broken down by natural processes. nondegradeable
The applied science that focuses on the environmental effects of human activities is called? environmental science
The number and variety of species in an area is called? biodiversity
Earth science, physics, chemistry, social sciences, and this science all contribute to the field of environmental science? biology
This is an indication of a persons productive area of Earth needed to produce the resources consumed by that individual. ecological footprint
According to this law the price of oil is directly related to the rate of its production. supply and demand
The essay entitled “The Tragedy of the Commons” was written to illustrate the environmental conflicts that occur when many people in a community take advantage of these in the same area. natural resources
Newspapers and human sewage are examples of these types of pollutants. biodegradable
High fossil fuel consumption, low population growth rates, and high life expectancy are all characteristic of these types of countries. developed
During this period in history, great technological strides were made, but pollution first became a significant envi-ronmental problem. industrial revolution
The three major categories of environmental problems are: loss of biodiversity, pollution, and this? resource depletion
A science focused on environmental effects of human activities and their surroundings? environmental science
a science focused on interactions between organisms and the environment ecology
Sunlight and forests are considered this? renewable resources
Introduction to harmful levels of chemicals or wastes into the environment. pollution
When the last member of a species dies. extinction
The term to describe when only the sun’s energy enters and heat leaves. closed system
Harmful material that cannot be broken down by natural processes? nondegradable pollutant
The number and variety of species in an area? biodiversity
Fossil fuels, metals, salt are known as these? nonrenewable resources
Using resources in such a way that there will be enough for future generations? sustainability

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