chapter 4

Question Answer
the study of space astronomy
people who study space astronomers
something that has almost no air at all vacuum
the force that slows down objects friction
a place that has many stars and planets galaxy
the galaxy that we live in Milky Way
a bunch of stars in one area Local Group
a type of galaxy that is shaped like a spiral that has arm like things barred spiral
gas floating around in space nebulae
outline of stars or a picture in the night sky constellation
an imaginar line that keeps the earth rotating axis of rotation
the hottest region of the sun core(of sun)
the visable photosphere
solar eclipse
solar wind
light year
what is the three galaxies closest to our own
what are the three types of galaxies
what is the most distant object visible with the unaided eye
what is the name of the North Star

what is the name of the North Star

Which star is the brightest on the sky
not including the sun, what is the closest star to the earth
what is the distance from the earth to the sun
what is the difference between solar prominence and solar flare
explain the difference of apparent magnitude and absolute magnitude
explain the difference between binary star and optical double

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