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What is the function of the urinary stsyem? Clean and filter of blood (maintaining blood plasma)
What organ filiters blood plasma and forms urine? Kidney
The nephrons are located primarily in what portion of the kidney? Renal Cortex
The renal pelvis is continuous with and empties into a/an ureter
The structural and functional unit of the kidney is the Nephron
What two factors are responsible for the process of filtration? 1. Pereability 2. 4x higher BP
T or F? When the filtration rate declines the sympathetic nervous system and renin-angiotension mechanism are activated; renin is secreted and angiotension II is released which will raise blood pressure by constricting both systemic arterioles and the eff True
The reabsorption of water under the influence of ADH occurs where? The collection duct
When sodium ions are actively reabsorbed, it triggers the passive reabsorbtion of __________ ions and water Potassium
Define the process of filtration The forcing of water and small solutes from the blood in a glomerlus into a glomerulus capsule
Define the process of tubular reabsorption Reabsorption removes the "USEFUL" substances from the filtrate and retures them to the blood
define the process of tubular secretion Secretion removes "WASTE" and excess substances from the blood and sends them back into the filtrate
What substance may be present in the blood and filtrate but should NOT normally be present in the urine? Glucose
T or F? The glomerular filtration rate varies directly with the glomerular blood pressure which is related to the systemic blood pressure True
What is the most abundant nitrogenous waste product in urine? What other waste products? Urea….Uric acid and creatine
The major function of the urine formations is Filttration (get rid of waste)
Antidiuretic hormone promotes the reabsorption of what 2 ions? Na and K
What is the most abundant positively charged ion in the body fluids? Na
The concentration of calcium ions in body fluids is regulated by what 2 hormones? Parathyroid and Calcitonin
Urea is formed as a waste product of ___________ metabolism Cellular respitration
What substance in body fluidsnworks to prevent significant change in pH? Buffer
The normal pH range of body fluids is… 7.35 to 7.45
T or F? Th consentration of solutes in urine caries with both diet and metabolism False
The color of normal urine is due to the presents of what substance produces by the breakdown of bile pigments?? Urochrome
What is cystitis??? Inflammation of urinary bladder due to bacterial infection
Cystitis and urethritis occur more frequently in males or females? females
Define glomeruloneprhritis Inflammation involving the glumerule
Define Pyelonephritis Inflammation of renal pelvis and nephrons
The presence of blood cells or plasma proteins in urine can be indicative of what disorder? Glumerulonephritis
The pain associated with a kidney stone normally results from its presents in the… Renal pelvis
The disorder that is characterized by the inability of the kidneys to regulate the composition and volume of body fluids is Renal Failure
A renal corpuscle consists of a ____________ enclosed in a __________________________ Glomerulus; Glomerular capsule (bowmans capsule)
The correct sequence of parts of a renal tuble is…. Proximal convoluted tuble-65% of filtration is reabsorbed here. All nutrients positively charged. Nephron loop (loop of henle) Water is positively absorbed. Distal convoluted tuble-Reabsorption uner hormonal control
The arteriole associated with the glomerulus that has the greater diameter is the afferent arteriole or the efferent arteriole? What is the purpose of this difference or between the 2 arterioles? AFFERENT- enters or lets in. Efferant- exits or lets out
Most of the tubular reabsorption occurs in the Proximal tubule
The volume of water that is lost in a 24 hour period via urine is constant from day to day or does it vary with water loss by all other means? Th volume or water lost in urine varies with both the volume of water lost by other means and the volume of water intake
Urea is formed by what organ? Liver
The "force" that carries urine from the kidney to the urinary bladder is Peristasis
The uretha; sphincter under VOLUNTARY control is the… External Sphincter
Glomerular filtrate is most similar in compsition to blood
What substance moves from the renal tubule into the bloodstream/, this process is known as… Tubular Reabsorption
If blood pressure increases beyond normal range what happends to the glomerular filtration rate? Increases
What vessels carry blood into the glomerulus? Afferent arterioles
A special group of cells near the gloerulus that secrete __________ in the responce to ____________ blood flow to the kidneys is the ________________ Renin; Decrease: Juxtagiomerular
What process keeps the glomerular filtration rate constant in spite of fluctuation in systemic blood pressure? Renal autoregulation
What is the chemical contol system that works as a defence mechanism to raise sysemic blood pressure by constricting arterioles throughout the body flowing a decreased filtration rate to save kidney function? Renin-angiotention mechanism
Define Polyuria, Oliguria, Anuria, Diuresis Polyuria-passing an excessive amount of urine. Oliguria-small amount of urine. Anuria- No urine. Diuresis-increase amounts of urine
What is the specific difference beween Polyuria and Diuresis?
T or f? Blood plasma concentration is changed by the work of the kidneys? True
The kidneys assist in the blood's ability to transport oxygen due to the secretion of what hormone? Exythropoietin
The primary function of the urinary system is to Form and ecreta urine maintaining electrolyte, water and acid balance in the body
What structure carries urine from the kidney to the urinary bladder? Ureters
A ________ consists of a renal corpuscle and a renal tubule Nephron
The ___________ is a capillary tuft that lies between and afferent arteriol and an efferent arteriole Glomerulus
Urine formation begins when _________________ moves some of the water and solutes in the blood from the glomerulus into the glomerular capsule Glomerular filtration

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