Question Answer What isthe unit of speed Meter/seconds unit of volume liter unit of temperature degree unit of mass gram unit of length meter metric System used by scince and the rest of the world abbreviations of gram g liter L second s centimeter cm milliliter mL kilometer km meter m centi c

science study guides

Question Answer whats the basic unit for mass? gram what is the value for the prefix hecto? 100 what type of lab equipment is used to measure volume? graduated cylinder what are the four types of relationships? direct,indirect,circular, and nonrealated what is a example of a title for a graph? effect of time of year on number of rounds of […]

Internet Terminology

Question Answer URL uniform resource locator; a standardized address of a location on the internet, esp on the World Wide Web netiquette the informal code of behaviour on the internet blog informal Full name: weblog a journal written on-line and accessible to users of the internet wiki a web application that allows anyone visiting a website to edit sat_flash_1 on […]

Internet Terminology

Question Answer URL technically a type of Uniform Resource Identifier Netiquette social conventions that facilitate interaction over networks, ranging from Usenet and mailing lists to blogs and forums. Blog a type of website or part of a website. Blogs are usually maintained by an individual wiki A page on wikipedie that can be made by anyone about a topic. Banner […]

CH3 Anatomy Test

Question Answer Lysosomes Animal Cells; Helps digest food and break down damaged or old organelles Rough ER Found in animal and plant cells ;produces and makes protiens produces in cell membrane Centriole aid in cell division Chloroplast found in plants. Uses sunlight, water and carbon dioxide to make sugars for autotrophic cells. Smooth Er makes lipids Transport Vesicle Carries synthesized […]

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Question Answer energy ablility to do work or produce heat law of conservation of energy states that in any chemical reaction engery is neither created nor destroyed heat total amount of kinetic energy that flows because of a difference in temp calorie amount of energy required to raise the temp of 1 g of pure h20 1 degree C Joule […]

moon and solar system

Question Answer What is a rotation? how an object spins on its axis What is a revolution? a complete orbit of the sun by the earth How long does the revolution take? 365.25 days What is gravity? the force that pulls objects to the center of the earth. What are asteroids? Rocks that orbit around the sun, Mars and Jupiter. […]

chap 2

Question Answer atmosphere Earths air, which is made up of a thin layer of gasses,solids and liquids chlorofluorocarbons group of chemical compounds used in refrigerators, air conditioners,foam packaging, and aerosol sprays conduction transfer of energy by collisions between the atoms in a material condensation process in which water vapor changes to a liquid convection transfer of heat that occurs when […]