exam #2

Question Answer What is the full title and who is the host? In the Wild: Lemurs with John Cleese Evolution as a random process not goal oriented- helps to adapt to the environment which we live What is morphology? The form of an anatomical structure (shape, size) 2/1/3/3 primitive formula, for new world monkeys (platyrrhines) and prosimians 2/1/2/3 derived formula, […]

Questions about atoms

Question Answer What three distinct particles make up an atom? Protons, neutrons, and electrons. Where are neutrons found? In the nucleus. What is the purpose of a neutron? To hold the nucleus and the protons together. What is the electric charge on an electron? -1 charge. Why do electrons give the nucleus a "fuzzy" appearance? Because the electrons are always […]


Question Answer Proton charge +1 neutron charge no charge electron charge -1 charge. proton location nucleus neutron location nucleus electron location around nucleus proton weight 1 amu neutron weight 1 amu electron weight virtually 0 proton purpose to determine the property of the atom neutron purpose to hold the nucleus together electron purpose responsible for reactivity

SOL 5.4 Matter

Question Answer What is an element? pure substance How many elements are known to exist? just over 100 What is the smallest part of an element? an atom What is the smallest part of a compound? a molecule What do you call it when 2 or more elements combine chemically and a new substance is formed? a compound What are […]

states of matter, atoms

Question Answer What is the smallest part of an element? An atom What is the smallest part of a compound? A molecule. What are the three main parts of an atom? Proton, Neutron, Electron What is the positively charged part of an atom? Proton What part of the atom has a negative charge? Electron What part of the atom has […]

Matter and Its Properties

Question Answer What is the smallest part of an element? Atom What is a combination of types of matter where each keeps its own properties? Mixture What is formed when two or more elements join chemically? Compound What do scientists make to help study things or events? Model What is made of only one kind of atom? Element What is […]

Literacy Words for Thermal Energy

Question Answer The total energy of all of the particles in an object. Thermal Energy Thermal energy moving from a warmer object to a cooler object. Heat Heat is transferred from one particle of matter to another without the movement of the matter. Conduction Heat is transferred by the movement of currents within a fluid. Convection Water at the bottom […]


Question Answer what % of transferrian is bound to Fe? 30% how is intravscular distingusihed from extravascular hemolysis? urine hemsiderin what other tests are utilized in the detection of hemolytic anemia? bilirubin haptoglobin urine hemosiderin what is the reticulocyte value for anemia? hemolytic anemia retic how can hgb A and Hgb S be confirmed? hgb electrophoresis using acid agar what […]

the functions of ‘scopes

Part of the ‘scope Function of the ‘scope part eyepiece contains a 10x magnifying lenses you look through. stage clips holds the microscope slide in place body tube connects the eyepiece to the revolving nosepiece. stage supports the microscope slide base provides support for the microscope Coarse adjustment focuses the image under low power. [bigger knob] arm supports the body […]