Question Answer The money left over after a business pays its expensives is the _____ profit Each group of Native Americans was headed by a _______ sachem _____ and _______ took a portage from the Mississippi River to the Great Lakes Marquette, Jolliet The Navy defeated the Spanish _____, a large fleet of ships armada Settlers grew _______ as a […]

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Question Answer Diffusion the movement of molecules from an area of high concentration of that molecule to an area of low concentration of that molecule without using energy until the equilibrium is reached Osmosis the diffusion of water across a selectively permeable membrane Selectively Permeable Membrane a cell's membrane that allows some things to enter or leave the cell while […]

atoms and compounds

Question Answer What are the electrons that are farthest from the nucleus? valence How many valence electrons can an element have? 1 to 8 How many valence electrons make an atom stable? 0, 2, or 8 What makes an atom neutral? The same number of protons and electrons When an atom becomes charged after gaining or losing electrons it becomes […]

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Question Answer element AN ELEMENT IS MATTER MADE UP OF ONLY ONE KIND ATOM THE SMALLEST OBJECT THAT RETAINS PROPERTIES OF AN ELEMENT NUCLEUS THE POSITIVELY CHrged central cor of an atom , contaaining most of it's mass electron cloud region surrounding the nucleus of an atom, where electrons are mstly likely t be found proton positively charged particle present […]