Test on Fruits

Question Answer The almond fruit is considered a drupe A peanut is considered a nut this animal in South America scatters up to 60,000 seeds in one night short-tailed fruit bat the split opens along one side only to release seeds; ex. magnolia trees follicle the main difference between fruits and vegetables is fruits contain seeds, vegetables don't seed is […]

Sociology The Real World Stein Chapter 13

Question Answer The prohibition of interracial marriage, cohabitation, or sexual interaction. antimiscegenation Living together as a romantically involved, unmarried couple. cohabitation The physical and legal responsibility of caring for children; assigned by a court for divorced or unmarried parents. custody A common behavior pattern in abusive relationships; the cycle begins happily, then the relationship grows tense, and the tension explodes […]


Question Answer what are the functions of the digestive system Ingestion Secretion mixing and propulsion Digestion absorption defecation what is eating ingestion release of water, enzymes, buffers secretion movement along GI tract mixing and propulsion breaking down of foods digestion moving products of digestion into the body absorption dumping waste products defecation A tube through which foods pass and where […]

vocab terms

Question Answer DNA is a chemical that contains information for and organism's function. centrioles wrapped around proteins like thread around a spool and compacted. metaphase prophase sexual reproduction asexual reproduction regeneration binary fission centromere cytokinesis double helix interphase mitosis cell cycle chromatids chromosomes

The basic stuructural and functional biological unit of living things

Question Answer organelle small specialized structures within a cell that perform metabolic function ribosomes composed of RNA site of protein synthesis smooth endoplasmic reticulum does not have ribosomes synthesizes fatty acids and steriods rough endoplasmic reticulum has ribosomes attached synthesizes golgi complex processes and packages proteins from the rough ER lysosomes digets foreign substances contain powerful degestive enzymes. Autophagy self […]

Ch 5 EP

Question Answer Decomposer breakdown dead organisms Producers energy directly from sun, plants, algae Consumers energy indirectly from sun, eat other animals, carnivore Chemosynthesis bacteria use hydrogen sulfide to make energy Herbivores energy from producers 10% Law 10% of energy from one level is passed to the next,90% lost as heat and keeps the organism alive Fossil Fuels carbon for living […]

antomy muscles

Question Answer This type of movement is typical of hinge joints, and brings two bones closer together. flexion This type of movement increases the angle between two bones. extension This type of movement that straightens the ankle joint. plantar flexion This type of muscle movement that allows you to stand on your heel. dorsiflexion This is the muscle movement of […]

The Muscular Sysytem

Question Answer Zygomaticus Muscles that makes you smile Masseter Opens and closes jaw 2 Purposes of the Muscular System 1.Heat Production 2.Movement Fascia Layers of connective tissue that seperates muscles The Layers of a muscles 1.Fascicle 2.Muscles Fiber 3.Myofibril Fascicle 1st layer; bundles of muscle fibers that make a a muscles Muscles Fiber 2nd Layer; the basic unit of a […]