Question Answer DNA A chemical that contains information for an organism's growth and functions. Genetic Material Cell Cycle All the changes the cell goes through from one cell division to the next. Mitosis, Interphase, Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase. Chromosomes DNA is wrapped around protiens like thread arouond a spool and compacted into structures. Chromatids One of two identical chromosomal strands […]


Question Answer DNA a chemical that contains information for a cell's functions, genetic material asexual reproduction when one organisim produces one or more offspring that are genitally the same as the parent cell Bianary fission when a organisim splits in two and creates two and creates two identical organisims. budding an organisim develops a bud, where the buds grow off […]

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Question Answer cell cycle The changes the cell goes through from one cell division to the next. Regeneration The process of new tissue growth at the sight of a wound or lost limb. Binary Fission Is the form of asexual reproduction occurring in prokaryotes. DNA A chemicalthat contains information for an organism's growth and functions. Chromosomes Structers that are made […]


Question Answer mitosis a cell cycle when the nucleus divides cell cycle the normal sequence of development and division interphase the part of the cell cycle when the cell is not dividing prophase chromosomes condense metaphase chromosomes line up anaphase chromosomes separate telophase nuclei form DNA a chemical that contains the information a cell needs to function chromosomes the proteins […]

MVMS Electricity and Magnetism

Question Answer Magnet An object that attracts anything made of iron, cobalt and nickel. Repel To drive away or force backwards Attract To cause to come near Magnetic Force The force of attraction or repulsion between poles of a magnet Magnetic Field The area around a magnet Magnetosphere The earth’s magnetic field Electric Current The flow of electrons Electromagnet Is […]

Respiratory System

Question Answer The long muscle below your lungs that helps you breathe in and out. Diaphragm Strings or strips of tissue that are pulled tightly across your larynx, that vibrate as air blows by, giving you the ability to make sounds. vocal chords The middle section of the pharynx that is closest to the mouth. oropharynx Tiny motorized "whips" waving […]


Question Answer Ascaris lumbricoides: life cycle eggs on soil. to fertilized egg is infective. to human ingests infective egg. to hatches in small intestine. to larva penetrates mucosa. to the liver. to trachea. to esophagus. to small intestine. to adults in small intestine. eggs are made. Frog population curve Type 3 Pelican beak pouch on bottom of beak Classify to […]


Question Answer air mass large body of air that has the same characteristics as the land water it forms over. pressure wind blows from areas of high pressure to areas of low temp. high pressure good weather low pressure clouds and storms barometer what pressure is measured by in units of millibars front boundaries between two air masses of different […]