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The Importance of Modern Welding

3 Simple Ways To Choose The Right Back-Up Pump For Your Needs

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Whether you’re preparing for the end of civilization as you know it, or you just want a reliable back-up power source for your water supply, you’ve probably given a lot of thought to water pumps. Submersible pumps are the best way to provide back-up pumping ability for your well. However, if the power were to go out on your property, you might end up needing a secondary back-up pump. That’s where manual pumps come in handy. Unlike submersible pumps that operate off electricity, manual pumps only require your own physical exertion. Here are four things you need to consider when choosing a manual pump for your water supply. Land between the Well and the Pump Before you purchase your manual pump, you need to survey the land between the water supply and your home. The geography of the land will help you choose the type of pump you’ll need. There are two types of pumps to choose from. Handle Pump As the handle on a traditional long-handled pump is pumped up and down, it draws water out of the ground to the delivery site. This type of pump is best used inside – or near – the home. Ram Pump The ram pump is a pumping device that forces water out of the ground and up to the delivery site. This type of pump is best used in areas where the water supply is a considerable distance from the delivery site – such as wells located downhill from a home. Estimated Water Needs When choosing a manual back-up pump, it’s important for you to consider the amount of water you plan on using. This can prevent you from purchasing a pump that can’t keep up with your family’s water needs. While you’re estimating your water needs for cooking and personal hygiene, you should also consider your water needs for any pets, livestock or gardens you might have. Depth of Water Supply Water depth is another important element to consider when choosing a back-up pump. Certain manual pumps are designed for shallow water, while others can reach water at a deep level. If you’re not sure about the depth level, or your water table fluctuates throughout the year, you’d be best served to purchase both types of pumps. That will ensure you have a proper back-up system regardless of the water level. If you rely on a well for your family’s water supply, you need to make sure you have a reliable pump system. You can ensure your access to water by installing a manual pump as back-up. The information provided above will help you choose the best manual pump for your particular needs, but you can contact a company like PFC Equipment, Inc for more...

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Three Pitfalls To Avoid When You’re Assembling A New HVAC Drain Pipe

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When your HVAC system is running properly, a small but steady amount of water will drain out of it through a drain pipe near its bottom. While you can temporarily use a bucket to collect this water if the drain pipe breaks or develops a leak, you’ll have to eventually install a replacement pipe if you don’t want to constantly change out the bucket. When you’re assembling a new HVAC drain pipe, remember to avoid these three pitfalls. Going Too Cheap On The Pipe Segment Glue You Use If you don’t want to spend money unnecessarily on repairs in the future, you’ll have to make sure that the glue you use to fuse individual pipe segments together will remain sturdy for the long haul. A cheap brand of glue, even if it passes an initial water test, can easily break when a steady stream of water passes over it for a long period of time. Try to get a brand of glue that’s specifically designed for attaching permanent drain pipe segments to each other. If you can’t, look up reviews of the brand online and see if anyone has complained about the glue coming apart because of prolonged water exposure. Using Only Pipe Segments That You Can’t Easily Detach Again When Needed The longer your drain pipe is, the harder it will be to clean with a cloth or plumbing snake when it fills up with debris and gunk. To make your cleaning task easier, include a plastic section near the middle of the pipe that you can easily detach when needed. Secure the edges of this plastic tube with metal clamps that you can tighten and loosen when needed. To ensure that the water doesn’t get blocked off in this section because the tube is bent too much by the weight, put the removable segment in a vertical part of the pipe.  Not Testing The Pipe For Leaks In Multiple Positions You can never be sure that the pipe you make doesn’t have a leak in it until you pour a jug or bucket of water down it multiple times. To increase the effectiveness of your tests, move your pipe to a different position each time you perform one. It’s especially important to turn the pipe upside down relative to the position you plan to permanently secure it in. The idea is to have water touch every single side of all the pipe segments at least once. Otherwise, a leak could go unnoticed until a partial clog in the pipe causes the water to touch a previously dry side in the pipe’s interior. For more information, talk to a professional like Proctor Mechanical...

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2 Tips For Prolonging The Lifespan And Efficiency Of Lithium-Ion Batteries

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Lithium-ion batteries are used to power most of our modern cordless appliances including cell phones, laptops, CD players and many more. The batteries work on ion movement between the positive and negative electrodes, effectively storing charge for later use. In theory, this cycle should work forever, but your batteries often lose their ability to retain charge with time. There are a number of factors that affect the functionality and durability of a lithium-ion battery. Read on to learn useful tips on how you can keep your batteries healthy and efficient. Avoid elevated temperatures  Heat can adversely damage your battery. Leaving a lithium-ion battery at a constant high temperature will often decrease its charge capacity and run time, as well as reduce its overall lifespan. This is particularly true for laptop computers, as their batteries are often located near electronics that can heat up drastically during heavy use. To preserve the life of your laptop battery, try to always remove the battery while using a corded power source, especially when using the laptop for extended periods. It could also help to avoid charging your devices in an area with elevated temperatures, say inside a hot car, as this would lead to the battery overheating and losing its capacity. You should also avoid charging phones and PDAs in their protective covers, as such casings are often too tightly sealed and could prevent air circulation to the battery. Avoid fully discharging or overcharging your battery It is a common misconception to let your phone or laptop battery to fully discharge before plugging it into a power source. Ideally, you should charge your phone before it gets to 0%, but if your device die, just charge it as soon as you can to avoid damage to the battery. Partial discharges with frequent recharges are essential for keeping your battery healthy, while high discharges put strain on the battery and cause damage. The main problem with fully discharging your battery would be to leave it in that state for weeks on end. This would cause the battery to lose its ability to hold charge permanently, necessitating a costly replacement. When storing your battery for an extended period, it is best to ensure that it has about halfway charged as opposed to fully charged. Storing a battery while fully charged could lead to a drastic decrease of battery capacity. Overcharging your lithium-ion battery could also cause it to deteriorate prematurely. This could be avoided by removing the battery while your device, such as a camera or laptop, is running on a power adopter....

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Four Tips To Help You Build A Mobile Shop For Your Business

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If you have a service business, you may need to go to your shop for various different tasks. It may be to make changes to an item, build parts and other work. If your shop was mobile, you will be able to save time and money, as well as offer your customers better prices. This can make you more competitive and your business successful. Here are some tips to help you build a mobile shop for your business needs from an enclosed utility trailer: 1. Choosing The Right Size Trailer For Your Shop Needs There are many different needs for a shop trailer. For example, if you are a carpenter that does cabinetry work, you may only need a trailer with a couple of saws, routers and a work bench. This can be a short single-axle trailer that has enough space for your equipment. A mechanic may also only need a small trailer. If you work with metal, you may want a larger trailer to have more space for raw materials and equipment, as well as double-axles to support the extra weight of metals like steel. 2. Adding Workbenches And Spaces To Your Your trailer will also need to have a work space. Workbenches can come in many different shapes and sizes. Locating your bench in the center can give you space for things like storage for materials beneath the bench. You can build your bench with aluminum to take weight off your trailer. Building a workbench with an aluminum frame will give you a bench that weighs less, saving you gas and making your trailer safer. 3. Wiring And Electrical Solutions For Your Trailer You will also want to have wiring and electrical systems for your trailer. If you have a small trailer, you may want to power it with a generator to provide power to your equipment. For longer trailers, membrane solar panels like those used on RVs can be a great solution, but will still need a generator for equipment like saws and compressors that pull more juice than what solar panels can handle. The solar panels can be good for small things like chargers, small power tools and lighting. 4. Materials And Equipment Storage For Your Mobile Shop You will also want to have storage for equipment and materials. You may have space inside your shop, but you can also add lock boxes to different areas of the trailer frame to store tools and small materials. Ladder racks and boxes at the hitch can provide your more storage. Also, consider using French cleats and fastening systems to secure items inside the trailer and prevent them from being scattered when you make a sharp turn. These are some tips to help make your business mobile with a shop on wheels. If you need help creating your shop, contact a utility trailer retailer to get what you need to get...

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3 Reasons To Sandblast Your Parking Lot

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If your parking lot is starting to look old and dirty, you are probably contemplating cleaning it. You might be thinking about hiring a cleaning service or attempting to clean it yourself with harsh chemicals, but there is a better way to make your parking lot look fantastic — sandblasting. These are a few reasons why you should hire an abrasive blasting service to come out and sandblast your parking lot. 1. Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals for Cleaning To get your average parking lot clean without sandblasting, you generally have to use some very harsh chemicals. These chemicals are generally washed away into the groundwater supply, which isn’t a very eco-friendly way of running a business. Plus, you have to subject yourself to these harsh chemicals, which can be unpleasant at best. With sandblasting, there are no chemicals used at all, which is certainly better for the environment. 2. Get Rid of Graffiti and Other Unwanted Paint Even with serious scrubbing and all of the best cleaning chemicals out there, it can be difficult or impossible to get rid of graffiti. Even though you can get it to fade, you can usually still see it. The good thing about sandblasting is that it is great for getting rid of graffiti. You can also use it to get rid of old, unsightly parking lot paint that is cracking or fading to make your parking lot look nice again. 3. Prepare to Have New Lines Painted Every now and then, it is smart to have new lines painted in your parking lot. Then, you can give your parking area a fresh and attractive look almost instantly. Plus, on a more practical note, you can help ensure that your parking spots and handicapped spots are clearly visible for those who patronize your business. Although you can paint directly over your existing lines if you want to, a smarter option is to sandblast first. This will give the top of your parking lot a slightly rough texture, which will help the new paint stick. Sandblasting your parking lot is an excellent way to prepare for new line striping, to get rid of grease and grime and to get rid of old paint. If you are interested in having this done in your parking area, now is the time to contact an abrasive blasting company. Then, you can find out about even more of the benefits of sandblasting. For more information, contact a company like Steel Coatings...

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3 Advantages Of Having Video Surveillance

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If you want to safeguard your place of business, it is vitally important that you take some necessary security measures. In that regard, video surveillance is one of the best investments that can be made. If you are not familiar with video surveillance service, consider some of the following advantages of having such service, and reach out to a contractor that can answer any further questions.  Advantage #1: You Have A Much Greater Chance Of Obtaining A Conviction When police make an arrest in a burglary or other theft case, a large measure of gray area exists when there is no concrete footage. However, when you record surveillance video from various angles, it becomes a lot more difficult for any suspect to defend themselves. Convictions in court will deter any future criminals from trying to rob your business, which will make your office a safer location overall. Since you are able to catch the person on video, you’ll also be able to have clear inventory of what property was taken, in order to recoup the costs of items and to have the video available for insurance purposes.  Advantage #2: Video Surveillance Increases Productivity And Prevents Employee Theft Having video surveillance in place also allows you to make your office building more productive. When employees know that they are being recorded throughout the normal course of business, they are more likely to take advantage of it by remaining productive. A whopping $50 billion annually is stolen from companies by their employees. Having these videos in place will allow you to only keep the best and most honest employees around, for a more productive and safe work environment.  Advantage #3: Video Surveillance Safeguards Your Intellectual Property In this day and age, you need to be incredibly vigilant about more than just tangible property. There is great value in the intellectual property that your business creates, so you will need to be sure that you are able to keep your competitors from taking the chance of stealing yours. Having these cameras placed accordingly will allow you to keep your property safe from such theft, so that your company is always protective of the ideas that can take your business to the next level.  Keep these three benefits in mind, so that you understand just how valuable a surveillance system can be for your company. For further questions, reach to a security company that can assist...

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Types of Dumpsters and Their Uses

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Any business will generate waste and proper disposal of that waste is a key component of keeping your business running smoothly. Choosing the right dumpster is a key component of keeping your business running smoothly. You need to think about the size of dumpster you need as well as how you will use the dumpster. There are several types to choose from, so you should know your options. Lidded Dumpsters Lidded dumpsters are common in urban areas. They have a metal body with a metal or plastic lid. The lid helps to keep unwanted guests and precipitation out of your dumpster. If you live in an area that has a lot of animals, you might want to have a latch that helps to keep the lid closed at night so that animals can’t get in and spread your garbage around. Lidded dumpsters are distinguished by size and typically come in a range from a two to eight yard capacity. While you should estimate the size of dumpster you need, you should also feel free to ask for a bigger size if you need it. Lidded dumpsters are ideal for small to medium-sized businesses.  Open-Top Dumpsters If you work in construction, you will generate a lot of waste, and you will need a dumpster that allows you to clean up a high volume of waste. A lid on a dumpster will get in the way, so open-top dumpsters will typically not have a lid. They range in size from 10 to 40 yards. Choosing an open-top dumpster should be a matter of how much waste you are likely to generate. If you are doing a small remodeling job, like redoing a roof, then you probably are fine with the smallest size. On the other hand, if you are remodeling your whole house, you will probably want to go with a larger size. While the company you rent your dumpster from will come pick up your dumpster when it is full, waiting for a new dumpster can slow down your progress, so you need to choose a dumpster to keep your business moving smoothly.  Choosing a dumpster for your business is an important choice, but it is not something you need to get right the first time. One of the most important decisions you make when you rent a dumpster is not the size; instead, you should look for how the company you rent from will help you to streamline your waste removal procedures. For assistance, talk to a professional like Dibussolo Container...

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3 Tips For Keeping Your Mobile Home Safe

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If you’ve just moved into a mobile home, you may be thinking about how to keep it safe. Just as with other homes, it is necessary to make sure your mobile home is as secure and safe as possible. Here are some tips to help you do that. Install Strong Doors Intruders have an easier time gaining access to mobile homes when the doors are made of hollow wood. Instead, consider installing metal-clad doors on your mobile home, complete with metal door frames. Metal doors cannot be bent or kicked in from the outside. You can also use a wood solid core door, if you choose. A strong door is a greater deterrent for would-be thieves, as they are heavier and more difficult to compromise. Other than making your home safer, strong mobile home doors can benefit you in other ways as well. For example, solid core doors are generally more resistant to wear and tear and can reduce noise transmission too. Install an Alarm System Once the doors in your mobile home are secured, you might be concerned that someone may try to get inside through the windows. However, an alarm system can alert you to anyone trying to gain entry into your home. Alarms can help you jump into action if there is a problem, and if you use a professional alarm company, the authorities will be notified right away. Alarm systems don’t have to be expensive; there are affordable kits that you can set up yourself. Having the added protection can set your mind at ease as you move about your mobile home. Have Adequate Lighting Keeping your mobile home well lit is another way to keep it safe. Porch lights can be a good way to deter anyone from trying to get into your house; be sure that you always have working bulbs and replacement bulbs ready. If you’re uncomfortable with leaving lights on all night due to utility costs, pick up some motion sensors. That way, lights will only come on if someone is in the area. That can come as a surprise to any intruders, who may change their minds once the lights are on and they can be seen. When you use the tips in this article, you will able to make sure that your house is protected. Take the time to make your home more secure, and you will feel safe whether you are in your home or away from...

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4 Ways You Can Save Money On Your Electricity Bill

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If you have a hard time saving money out of your own paycheck, let your home save some for you by learning ways to save on your electricity bill. Many people dread opening their electric bill when they get it in the mail, especially if it has been very hot or cold outside.  Below are four things you may want to consider changing in your home Solar Panels Solar panels can save money by converting the sun’s rays into electricity, and you may hear this called light electricity. Solar panels are a combination of several small solar cells that are spread across the large panel. The more sunlight that hits the panel, the more electricity is provided for your home. Many people choose to use grid-connected solar panels where you are plugged into your utility company. So, when you have no sunlight, such as at night, this company provides electricity for your home. Besides saving on your electricity bill, you raise the value of your home if you ever sell it. Contact a solar panel company, like Peck Electric, to install these panels for you. Paint Your Roof A dark roof absorbs heat, which causes your home to be hotter, which means your air conditioning system will run more. To take care of this problem, paint your roof white. You need to purchase paint that is highly reflective to get the full benefit. You can find this paint in spray cans to make it much easier to paint the roof. If you do not want to paint it yourself, a local roofer or painter can do this for you. Electric Meter Check your meter outside each month and write down the number you see. When you get your electric bill in the mail, make sure the number they have listed matches. If it does not, the utility worker likely misread the meter. Everyone makes mistakes so call your utility company if this happens. Motion Sensors Instead of keeping your lights on outside all night, install motion sensors. These lights will stay off unless something or someone walks near them. They also make motion sensors that you can use inside your home. These sensors are especially helpful if you or someone in your home is constantly leaving lights on. You can turn these sensors off at night, as you likely only want them on during the day and evening before you go to bed. This way, they will not turn on when you move while you are sleeping. Electricity bills are getting larger, as many utility companies are raising their fees. Fight against this by following these...

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Recycling Computer Hard Drives Efficiently

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It seems like computers break far too often, even before a new, faster model is available on the market. If you need to replace old systems or simply want newer systems, you’ll need a plan for properly recycling the system and recovering any components that may be useful. Instead of throwing everything away at the dump, consider a few computer hard drive recycling techniques that can empower future repairs and reduce your environmental impact. Hard Drive: Toss Or Tune? Before throwing out the entire hard drive, make sure to test whether it works or not. You may be throwing away a lot of progress and memories that could easily be saved, and the recycling value of a working hard drive has a different value than a drive used for scrap. To test a hard drive, simply connect it to another computer. For most hard drives, that’s all you need to do. There are some settings that may need to be changed on the hard drive to make it visible or usable by other computers such, but such changes are relatively easy to make. Hard drives may use jumpers, which are pieces of plastic with metal contacts. The position of these jumpers can tell a computer whether the hard drive needs to start up as the main drive in charge or as an extra piece of storage. The plastic jumpers can be recycled as well, as they are fairly simple devices that do not break easily. You can sell or recycle the jumpers to other business in bulk in order to keep IT department supplied. Spending a few dollars to acquire recycled jumpers from you may be more affordable than spending $20 or $30 from retail. Recovering Hard Drive Materials After Failure If the hard drive has completely failed, there are a few metals that can be recovered. The hard drive itself is often made out of an aluminum casing, though steel can sometimes be used. The big ticket item inside a hard drive is a cluster of rare earth magnets, which are used to hold the information-reading arms in place. There is significant demand for rare earth magnets for hobby and industrial processes, so you may be able to find a specific buyer. A lot of the weight in hard drives comes from the platters, which are used to store the information. Information is created by a magnetic charge from the reading and writing arms. Unfortunately, these platters are often made of glass or glass-like substances, so unless there’s a specific market for hard drive platter material, you may need to hand the drive over to a basic recycling program. Get in contact with representatives at recycling programs with computer recycling policies to find out what you can keep and what may be of value for future scrapping. Talk to experts like Parks & Sons of Sun City, Inc. for more...

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