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Designing A More Versatile IT Department

Posted by on Oct 31, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Designing A More Versatile IT Department

Server racks, equipment storage, workstation mounts, and many more Information Technology (IT) storage areas can leave a lot to be desired. Although the standardization of IT equipment is still strong in the market, there are many custom devices that don’t fit in the standard server rack or may not securely mount against a desk. If you’re tired of loose devices, tangled cables, and odd fits, here’s some IT equipment room design to make it all come together. Why Are Different Standards A Problem? Most of the IT industry still follows design standards. Cisco, EMC2, Juniper, Barracuda, and many other mainstays of the server rooms and data centers across the world have mounting points that work with most server racks and equipment mounts, but there are always upstarts. In the age of startup businesses, a growing Silicon Valley, and the need...

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