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Making an Impactful Commercial-Property Exterior: What to Add

If you have a commercial property and want it to be impactful when people pull up so they remember your company name and the emblem or logo, there are some things you can do. You can make your business unforgettable on the outside so that your clients and customers are already impressed when they get in the doors or to the entryway. Here are a few great things you can consider.

Laser-Cut Signs

If you want to make a bold statement when people enter your commercial property drive or parking lot or when they enter the building, you’ll want to look into getting laser-cut signs. These big, impactful metal signs are going to look chic and industrial, and the laser cutting helps you get the sign you want with custom font and more. You can get a variety of sizes and shapes. You’ll want to sit down with a custom laser-cutting company such as Midbrook Factory-For-Hire to see what options you have.

Stamped Concrete Emblems  

You can have your company logo stamped in the concrete walkway that goes up to the building or even in the concrete flooring inside the building. The concrete emblem adds character to the flooring or the walkway and shows that you invested money, time, and effort into showcasing your business and how it looks. You can also do these outside in fencing, pillars, and the parking lot. The decorative concrete company you choose can mimic the laser-cut signs and make a custom mold to do multiple areas.

Pillars and Gated Entry

Have pillars put at the entryway of your commercial driveway, or have a gate set up. This is going to draw the eyes upward, and if you have a gate, it will show that you prefer to be exclusive. The pillars will also look nice. You can use these to shut off the property whenever necessary and even every night if you wish.

If you aren’t sure what you want to do but know that you need to spruce up the outside of your commercial property, and you want to have a property that people won’t forget, these are some of the changes you can make. Having a landscaping company help with the lawn will be ideal, along with having the building power washed and the windows cleaned, but these are additional touches that will impress the people that drive up and enter the building.