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Creative Uses For Pneumatic Tube Delivery Systems In A Retail Business

You may think that your modern retail business has no room for such an unusual idea as pneumatic tube delivery systems. However, having a contractor install a pneumatic delivery system in your retail business could be the one thing that takes your store to an entirely different level of convenience. 

When you think about a pneumatic tube delivery system, you probably think about the convenient function you experience at the drive through when you go to the bank. But why would a pneumatic tube delivery system be an ideal implementation in a retail business? There are several reasons why this could be an awesome idea. 

Send money to back offices without taking a risk of transporting it on foot. 

When cashiers have an abundance of cash in their register, it is a must to remove the extra money and store it in a safe place and there will always be times when registers need bills from the cash office for change. Therefore, trips throughout the day to the cash office or on-site safe will be necessary–even though having employees carry large amounts of cash can be a security concern. With a pneumatic tube delivery system from the front end to wherever the cash office is located in the store, you can safely transport money back and forth without concerns. 

Make delivering small, expensive items to exit a secure feat. 

If you retail store sells smaller items that can be on the expensive side, such as jewelry or small electronics, you could use a pneumatic delivery system to transport these items from the display counter to the store exit where the customer will be checking out. This eliminates concerns of allowing a customer to leave the area with merchandise that is not yet paid for. In most stores, there has to be extra staff on hand to run a register at the display counter or accompany a customer to the registers up front with the merchandise. 

Transport keys in a quick and safe manner.

If you have specific display cases in your store that must be kept locked, it is always a safer idea to only have a few keys entrusted to specific members of your team. Even by doing so, keys can get misplaced when they are packed around the store. Keep those keys even more secure by stowing them away in a back office and sending them out to designated team members as they are needed. Contact a company that installs these tubes, like TH Hammerl Inc., for more information.